summarylineA summary of the address, ideal for displaying in a drop-down listAllies Computing Ltd, Manor Farm Barns, Fox Road, Framingham Pigot, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7PZaddressline1The first line of the address, where the total number of address lines is defined by the lines querystring parameterManor Farm Barnsaddressline2The second line of the addressFox Roadaddressline3The third line of the addressFramingham Pigotaddressline4The fourth line of the addressAllies Computing LtdpoboxThe PO Box number organisationThe organisation name at that addressAllies Computing LtddepartmentnameThe department namebuildingnameThe building nameManor Farm BarnssubbuildingnameThe sub-building namenumberThe house or flat number8premiseThe premise, a combination of buildingname, subbuildingname and numberManor Farm BarnsdependentstreetThe dependent streetstreetThe streetFox RoaddoubledependentlocalityThe double dependent localityEagle Road Industrial EstatedependentlocalityThe dependent localityFramingham PigotposttownThe post townNorwichcountyThe countyNorfolkpostcodeThe postcodeNR14 7PZnotyetbuiltA true or false indicating whether the address is from the Royal Mail Not Yet Built datasettruealiasA true or false indicating whether the address is a Royal Mail Alias recordtruerecodesA colon-separated list of the previous postcode, previous delivery point suffix and the date it changed (YYYYMM format)CM7 8PX:1A:200112