Error handling

Postcoder records error information within your account to help you quickly debug issues.

Log into your account to review details of recently recorded errors.

HTTP status codes

The HTTP status code contained within each response shows whether or not your request was successful.

HTTP status codeDescription
200Request was successful
403Account error (e.g. Insufficient credits or invalid API key)
404Request error (e.g. Invalid method name used)
500Postcoder error

Troubleshooting errors

When first getting started with Postcoder, the following information may help with troubleshooting 403 errors.

HTTP status codeError informationSuggested fix
403Browser direct lookups exceeded, retry laterBy default, your API key's security settings block too many lookups coming from a single unrecognised IP address. Increase your rate-limit for unlisted IP addresses, or consider whitelisting your server's IP address.
403The server IP address is not registeredWhen an API is not enabled for public access, every IP address that makes a request using it must be whitelisted. If you trust the displayed IP address, you can add it to your whitelist in your account's security settings.
403Account doesn't have access to required datasetsYour API key isn't currently enabled to access the dataset you are attempting to search (such as AddressBase Premium). You can request access at this link.
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