API status

Postcoder provides a dedicated status endpoint for you to check key details about your account and the service.

Status page

Visit our status page to view current and historic availability information.

View Status Page

API check

Check the status of your account and Postcoder.

Request URL

GET | https://ws.postcoder.com/pcw/[apikey]/status

Optional querystring parameters

formatSets the data format of the response; the default is json unless header of application/xml is detectedxml, jsonjson

Response fields

FieldDescriptionExampleReturned by default?
correctsearchkeyFlag to confirm whether or not the search key existstrueYes
availablecreditsNumber of credits remaining99999Yes
lookupservicesupFlag to confirm the service is up and runningtrueYes
stateCurrent status of the service and / or your accountOkYes
currentipvalidFlag to confirm whether the current IP address is authorised to make lookupstrueYes
currentipIP address of the device making this request81.73.8.29Yes
overallstatusFlag to confirm the overall status of the servicetrueYes
evaluationFlag to confirm whether this is an evaluation accountfalseYes
suspendedFlag to confirm whether this search key has been switched offfalseYes
emailvalidationCurrent status of the email validation serviceOkYes
mobilevalidationCurrent status of the mobile validation serviceOkYes
countriesavailableDescribes which countries are available to this API keyALLYes
eircodeThis API key's level of access to Eircode dataNo AccessYes
addressbaseThis API key's level of access to AddressBase Premium dataFull AccessYes
emailvalidationaccessThis API key's level of access to the email validation serviceNo AccessYes
mobilevalidationaccessThis API key's level of access to the mobile validation serviceFull AccessYes
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