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Address Lookup API / AddressBase Core

AddressBase Core from Ordnance Survey

The AddressBase Core dataset provides 33 million live address records with coordinates and UPRNs for England, Wales and Scotland. Use Postcoder to gain access to the latest data through a simple API.

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Key features of AddressBase Core

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Address coordinates

AddressBase Core provides accurate locations for every address in the form of grid references and ETRS89 coordinates.

  • Easting and northings
  • Latitude and longitude
AddressBase Core provides accurate locations for every address in the form of grid references and ETRS89 coordinates

Weekly updates

AddressBase Core is updated weekly by Ordnance Survey, so you can always be sure you have the very latest address information.

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Easy cross-referencing

Each record includes the UPRN, the UDPRN and a number of other key identifiers to help you locate, match and gain insights from other location datasets.

  • UPRN
    Unique Property Reference Number
    Unique Delivery Point Reference Number
  • USRN
    Unique Street Reference Number
  • TOID
    Topographic Identifier
  • GSS
    Government Statistical Service Code
AddressBase Core - UPRN: Unique Property Reference NumberAddressBase Core - UDPRN: Unique Delivery Point Reference NumberAddressBase Core - USRN: Unique Street Reference NumberAddressBase Core - TOID:Topographic IdentifierAddressBase Core - GSS: Government Statistical Service Code

Authoritative data

AddressBase Core gets most of its addressing information from Local Authorities, who have a legal responsibility to capture and maintain accurate address data for Great Britain.


Property classification

Each record includes a classification to help you quickly understand the type of property from residential to commercial and more.

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Use Postcoder to gain access to AddressBase Core through a simple API

Postcoder is hosted on a leading cloud platform in the UK and Ireland, and is supported by our friendly team of addressing specialists.

  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • GDPR compliant data processing
  • 99.99% API uptime
  • 350ms real-world response time
  • Free technical support and licensing guidance

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