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Postcoder is trusted by over 9000 businesses of all shapes and sizes. Postcoder can be found on the websites of international companies and the tills of family-run shops. Each business has unique needs, and each industry presents different challenges.

See how Postcoder can help make your day easier.

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eCommerce & Retail

Your online presence should be as smooth and clean for your customers as possible. Achieve this goal by using Postcoder to reduce cart abandonment and improve the user experience.

  • Victorian Plumbing Logo
  • KFC Logo
  • Smyths Toys Logo
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A stylish white bathroom example from Victorian Plumbing

Having Postcoder on our checkout page has really helped ... customers spend much less time adding their details which in turn made for a much more pleasant transaction

Alex Woods
Digital Marketing Executive at Victorian Plumbing


Organisations that rely on contributions from the public to fund their good causes need to make the donation process as easy as possible. Using Postcoder, the most tedious aspects of a donation form are completed in a few clicks.

  • British Heart Foundation Logo
  • Citizens Advice Logo
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation Logo
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Elton John tickling the ivories

The usability aspect was important... it could increase the number of donations submitted

James Barker
Digital Development Manager at the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Insurance & Financial Services

Up-to-date address information, location intelligence, property data. Speed and accuracy are vital for businesses that make on the spot risk assessments. Postcoder's cloud availability ensures all your staff have access to the information they need, when they need it.

  • Ageas Logo
  • Car Finance + Logo
  • Ocean Finance Logo
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A Financial Director typing on his laptop at his desk

2x faster checkout times - Postcoder has literally transformed our checkout process.

Zak Edwards, Founder of Prezzybox

Public Sector

Getting your users' data correct is important in any kind of business. In the public sector, it is crucial. Postcoder helps ensure personal information doesn't go to the wrong person. With our data, you can make sure members of the public receive the information they need.

  • NHS Logo
  • CPS Logo
  • UK Visas Logo
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As always, great customer service from you and the team at Allies.

Derrick C


In a fast-moving industry, businesses need to be dynamic. Keep up with (and overtake) the competition by improving the experience for your sales reps. Postcoder drives sales by helping online customers get the information they want fast.

  • Halfords Logo
  • AutoTrader Logo
  • Suzuki Logo
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A red Suzuki Swift

I'd call that a successful morning! Took me about 30secs to get my first addresses from the service!

Paul G
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