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Pasta Evangelists cooks up a storm using Postcoder to help deliver pasta around the UK

A woman excitedly reaching into a brown paper bag for takeaway food

So much more to pasta than meets the eye

Pasta Evangelists is a renowned culinary venture, dedicated to sharing the art of authentic Italian pasta-making with food lovers throughout the UK. With a passion for preserving Italy's rich culinary traditions, Pasta Evangelists has garnered a devoted following of gastronomes eager to experience the exquisite flavours and textures of handcrafted pasta.

As demand continues to surge and the company's reach extends, Pasta Evangelists identified the need for an advanced and seamless ordering system to elevate the customer experience to new heights.

parmesan cheese being sprinked onto a green bowl of pasta with fresh tomato sauce
photo of two delivery people looking confused at their phone and an address on a bag

The reason we like Postcoder is that the rooftop lat/long coordinates have proven to be far more accurate than any other service.

Laura Bailey
E-commerce Product Manager at Pasta Evangelists

Why getting the delivery address right is so important

As well as fantastic recipe kits, Pasta Evangelists decided to also sell takeaways inhouse. While the recipe kit business uses couriers who are often familiar with local addresses, the fast-paced nature of takeaway deliveries means that drivers may be sent to a new area and it adds a time-constraint to the situation. Therefore, accurate address information is paramount to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.

An incorrect or incomplete address can lead to wasted time and resources as drivers struggle to locate the intended destination, and that directly impacts customer satisfaction. Pasta Evangelists noted how crucial accurate data is for maintaining the company's reputation for reliability and professionalism and so it turned to Postcoder.

Why Postcoder?

Postcoder is the API for address lookup and form validation. It provides a fast and accurate way for people to fill-in their address on any website or app. For a company like Pasta Evangelists, capturing accurate addresses minimises the risk of failed deliveries, returned packages, and customer dissatisfaction.

Postcoder provides the scale that large organisations require. It offers address lookup for 244 countries and handles close to 1 million requests per day. With a feature-rich admin interface and developer-friendly documentation, it is designed to be straight forward for businesses to integrate into existing systems and workflows.

It was an easy choice for Pasta Evangelists.

birds eye view photo of a group of people seated round a table ready to eat a meal clinking glasses

Postcoder has hugely increased our successful delivery rates

Laura Bailey
E-commerce Product Manager at Pasta Evangelists
delivery address search function on the Pasta Evangelists website displayed on a clay mobile phone with a green background

Improving the overall efficiency of the business

Laura Bailey, E-commerce Product Manager, says, “The reason we like Postcoder is that the rooftop lat/long coordinates have proven to be far more accurate than any other service. We use the service to send couriers a specific lat/long every time which has hugely increased our successful delivery rates”.

With less time having to manually verify addresses or deal with missing deliveries, the integration of Postcoder has proven to be a monumental success for Pasta Evangelists in terms of improving efficiency. As the business continues to grow and expand its reach, it can do so with the assurance that its address capture process is in capable hands.

To try one of Pasta Evangelist’s delicious pasta kits, head to