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Perfect pricing for your type of business

With great prices, flexible options and a free trial that doesn't ask for your credit card, Postcoder is the ideal API for your business.

Use the credit calculator to help you choose an option, or view the pay-as-you-go credit packs and monthly plans.

2.1p per UK address lookup

Check out our largest monthly plan for high volume use, or start small with a £25 credit pack

Postcoder uses credits

Each request you make uses credits. For example, an address lookup uses 2 credits and an email validation uses 1.2 credits. You can add credits to your account with a pay-as-you-go credit pack or monthly plan. Use the credit calculator below to estimate how many credits you'll need.

We're here to help

We provide free support to customers and to those interested in using Postcoder. From pricing questions to technical queries, we're ready to help.

Credit calculator

Each request uses credits. Estimate how many credits you need by entering the number of requests you expect to make each month.

Requests per month
Address lookup Look up an address
x 2.0 credits
x 4.5 credits
Rest of world
x 2.0 credits
Rooftop geocoding Look up an address & its coordinates
UK and Ireland
x 4.5 credits
Bank validation Validate a sort code and account number
x 1.2 credits
Email validation Validate an email address
x 1.2 credits
Mobile validation Validate a mobile phone number
x 1.2 credits
OTP verification One-time passwords to verify accounts
x 3.7 credits

Credit packs

Buy a pack of credits for a one-off fee

Credit pack selected

  • Credits 500
  • Total cost £25 + VAT


  • 500 credits to use within 12 months
  • Option to auto top-up
  • No contract
  • Free technical support
Equivalent cost
Address lookupUK2.0 credits10.00p
Ireland4.5 credits22.50p
Rest of world2.0 credits10.00p
Rooftop geocodingUK and Ireland4.5 credits22.50p
Bank validation1.2 credits6.00p
Email validation1.2 credits6.00p
Mobile validation1.2 credits6.00p
OTP verification3.7 credits18.50p

Monthly plans

Pay monthly and get an allowance of credits to use from the start of each month

Monthly plan selected

  • Credits per month 2,000
  • Monthly cost £45 + VAT


  • 2,000 credits each month
  • Additional credits charged at 2.8p each
  • Change or cancel each month
  • Free technical support
Equivalent cost
Address lookupUK2.0 credits4.50p
Ireland4.5 credits10.13p
Rest of world2.0 credits4.50p
Rooftop geocodingUK and Ireland4.5 credits10.13p
Bank validation1.2 credits2.70p
Email validation1.2 credits2.70p
Mobile validation1.2 credits2.70p
OTP verification3.7 credits8.33p

Pricing for enterprise customers

For organisations that require more than our standard credit packs and monthly plans, or that need quality of service guarantees, we offer:

  • Larger credit packs and monthly plans with volume discounts
  • Enhanced SLA with 99.99% availability
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Pricing for public sector customers

If you're a UK public sector customer, we may be able to offer you a discount on pricing for UK address lookups, thanks to an agreement between Royal Mail and the UK government.

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Frequently asked questions

How long do credits last?For all of our credit packs, your credits will last for 12 months. For our monthly plans, your credit balance will be updated at the start of each month; unused credits are not carried over to the next month.
Can I buy a one-off credit pack?Yes. When you buy a credit pack, there's no obligation to buy another one.
Can my credits be used for all types of request?Yes, your credits can be used for any Postcoder request. For example you could use them for both address lookup and mobile validation requests. You don't need to have different accounts or separate credit balances for different requests.
Why isn't one credit equivalent to one lookup?Postcoder offers a variety of different requests, all of which incur different costs. This is why we can't equate one credit to one lookup. Please see the credit costs page in the Postcoder documentation for a detailed list.
What happens when my credits run low?

Postcoder will automatically notify you via email when your credit balance runs low. To avoid running out of credits you can:

  • Enable auto top-up when you purchase a credit pack; or
  • Buy another credit pack when Postcoder emails you to say your credits are running low; or
  • Check how many credits you have by logging into your account or by using the status endpoint; or
  • Consider setting up a monthly plan instead.
I want to buy a monthly plan, but what happens if my usage changes?You can change or cancel your plan every 30 days. Any additional use is simply added to your next month's bill.
Does pricing include Multiple Residence data?Yes, our pricing for UK address lookup always includes Royal Mail's Multiple Residence data as standard. This makes it excellent value.
Why are Irish address lookups more expensive than UK address lookups?The price difference reflects the different data licence fees that we pay to Eircode and Royal Mail on your behalf.
Why is the recommended monthly plan or credit pack too small or large?The credit calculator recommends the most cost effective option for your expected usage.

Monthly plans - the most cost-effective option may be to select a smaller monthly plan and pay for any additional credits on top (these are automatically added to next month's bill), or to upgrade to a larger monthly plan that you don't completely use each month.

Credit packs - the most cost-effective option may be to buy a smaller credit pack more than once (you can use auto top-up if you wish), or to buy a larger credit pack that you don't completely use within 12 months.