Credit costs

Each request to Postcoder uses one or more credits.

You can get credits by purchasing a credit pack or by setting up a monthly plan through our Sales team.

List of credit costs

Use the list below to find out how many credits you need. You may also wish to check your usage report.

Find out more on our pricing information page.

FeatureRequestCredit cost
Address lookupPostcode/Eircode lookupUK: 2
Ireland: 4.5
Address autocomplete
Include additional data fields+ 0.4
AddressBase Core / Premium3.5
Eircode ECAD4.5
Not Yet Built1.8
UK geocoding0.9
UK reverse geocoding1.9
UK street lookup1.5
UDPRN lookup2
International address lookupUK: 2
Ireland: 4.5
Rest of world: 2
Email validationEmail validation1.5
Mobile validationMobile validation2
Bank validationBank validation1.25
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