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Address lookup API

The fastest, most reliable way to capture accurate addresses

Postcode lookup

Works with UK postcodes and Irish Eircodes, or any part of an address.

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Address autocomplete

Autocomplete UK and Irish addresses in real-time with predictive corrections.

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Additional data fields

Include one or more address data fields, coordinates, census data, NHS data & government data.

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All other endpoints

Browse our full list of endpoints, including AddressBase Premium and international addresses.

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Email validation API

Confirm your customer's data at the point of entry with email validation.

Email validation

Validate email addresses by checking whether they're capable of receiving email, the address has correct syntax, presence of MX record and whether the server is a catch all.

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Mobile validation API

Confirm your customer's data at the point of entry with mobile validation.

Mobile validation

Validate mobile phone numbers, see which network they are connected to and see if they have been connected in the last 12 hours.

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