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Address Lookup API Postcoder provides the fastest, most reliable way to capture accurate addresses

Ensure data quality and create the best user experience.

Postcode to address lookup

Postcoder enables people to use their postcode to lookup and fill in their address. Postcode lookup is up to 80% faster than typing an address manually. Automatic address verification provides addresses that are 100% up to date and postally correct.

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Predictive address autocomplete

Postcoder suggests valid addresses to people as they type their address or postcode. Address autocomplete is Google for addresses - instantaneous results and no button to click. Create a great user experience and capture verified addresses.

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Our predictive autocomplete can handle a multitude of human errors

  • Extra spaces

    Birch Wood Drive (for Birchwood Drive)
  • Missing spaces

    Fieldacre Way (for Field Acre Way)
  • Common typos

    Queens Road Notingham (for Queens Road Nottingham)
  • Phonetic spellings

    Tourkey Marina (for Torquay Marina)
  • Abbreviated words

    Roman Rd (for Roman Road)
  • Transposed characters

    Liecester Street (for Leicester Street)
Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete can handle extra spaces.Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete handles missing spaces.Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete handles common typos.Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete handles phonetic spellings.Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete handles abbreviated words.Illustration example of how Postcoder's address lookup api predictive autocomplete handles transposed characters.
Illustration highlighting map coordinate data that Postcoder's address lookup api can provide.

Addresses with map coordinates

Postcoder provides geographic coordinates for postcodes and addresses. Use them to show your customers on a map or to calculate an optimised delivery route.

Powered by a best-in-class address platform

Postcoder is refreshed daily using the most up-to-date and comprehensive data straight from official sources including Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey.

Ordnance Survey Logo Royal Mail Logo Office for National Statistics Logo
30M+ Addresses
1.8M Postcodes
1.4M Business names
4,500 Updates every day

Secure & resilient

Postcoder is hosted on a secure and reliable cloud platform in the UK and Ireland.

  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • GDPR compliant data processing
  • 99.99% API uptime
  • 350ms real-world response time
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Postcoder's address lookup api has a secure and resilient platform

Multiple datasets in one API

Postcoder aggregates the data from multiple datasets to ensure it always provides the richest, most detailed address records for the UK and internationally.

Postcode Address File (PAF)

Royal Mail's definitive UK address database. Updated daily, PAF is the most accurate and up-to-date record of every postal address in the UK.

If you would like to speak with our sales team about how Postcoder can unlock the potential in your address data capture.

An optimised developer experience

Integrate address lookup in minutes with Postcoder's REST API, sample code and developer-friendly documentation.

  • Javascript
  • python
  • PHP
  • C Sharp
	"addressline1": "Allies Computing Ltd",
	"addressline2": "92 St. Faiths Lane",
	"summaryline": "Allies Computing Ltd, 92 St. Faiths Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1NE",
	"organisation": "Allies Computing Ltd",
	"number": "92",
	"premise": "92",
	"street": "St. Faiths Lane",
	"posttown": "Norwich",
	"county": "Norfolk",
	"postcode": "NR1 1NE",
	"latitude": "52.6299163702",
	"longitude": "1.3018030246",
	"grideasting": "623545",
	"gridnorthing": "308689",
	"uniquedeliverypointreferencenumber": "56137114"
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Having Postcoder on our checkout page has really helped ... Customers spend much less time adding their details which in turn made for a much more pleasant transaction.

Alex Woods Digital Marketing Executive at Victorian Plumbing

Free support

Our sales and support teams are with you every step of the way. We listen carefully and communicate honestly. We don't use scripts or automated call systems. We have real people ready to help when you need it.

Tracking usage

Understanding how your account is being used is important, so we make it easy for you. You can view usage reports, configure email alerts and check your remaining credit balance.

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Postcoder Pricing

Perfect pricing

With great prices, flexible options and a free trial that doesn't ask for your credit card, Postcoder is the ideal API for your business.

Pay just 2.01p per UK address lookup with our largest monthly plan or start small with a £25 pay-as-you-go credit pack.

What our customers say

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"It took us under a day to swap out our old system with Postcoder and we have been enjoying it ever since."

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"We've been really pleased with the uptime and reliability of the service."

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