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Address Lookup API /Multiple Residence

Multiple Residence

The Multiple Residence database from Royal Mail identifies individual dwellings within multiple occupancy buildings that share a front door.

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Key features of Multiple Residence

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Multiple Residence address data from Royal Mail

Additional addresses

The Multiple Residence database from Royal Mail lists the addresses of households and businesses that lie behind a single delivery point, such as university halls of residence or nurses' accommodation. Multiple Residence contains an additional 800,000 address records that aren't listed on the Postcode Address File (PAF). For example, a townhouse converted into three self-contained apartments which all have their mail delivered to the single front door of the property.

Add additional addresses to Royal Mail's PAF Dataset with Multiple Residence

Add detail to PAF

Multiple Residence adds an extra layer of detail to Royal Mail PAF data that allows companies to know exactly how many households sit behind a single delivery point, and provide services to them accordingly. Without Multiple Residence, you could be unaware of how many households remain unaccounted for, simply because they share a mail box.

Add detail to PAF with Royal Mail's Multiple Residence Dataset

Capture accurate data

Multiple Residence provides address data for multiple occupancy business and residential properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ensuring that you can capture accurate address data across the UK.

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How Multiple Residence can help your organisation

  • Fraud prevention
    Verify how many households reside at each delivery point and prevent fraudsters from using bogus address details.
  • Accurate delivery addresses
    Ensure your deliveries reach customers who live in multiple occupancy properties, such as student halls, or apartment buildings with a single delivery point.
  • Detailed customer information
    Keep your customer records verified and up to date by using Multiple Residence to account for all households or businesses in a single property.
  • Accurate business planning
    The greater level of detail provided by Multiple Residence provides vital information for business planning and marketing for utility companies and service providers.
Fraud prevention with Royal Mail PAF & Multiple Residence DatasetsAccurate delivery addresses with Royal Mail PAF & Multiple Residence DatasetsDetailed customer information with Royal Mail PAF & Multiple Residence DatasetsAccurate business planning with Royal Mail PAF & Multiple Residence Datasets

Use Postcoder to access Multiple Residence with our simple and secure API

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