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Mobile Validation API Confirm your customer's data at the point of entry with Postcoder mobile validation.

Ensure data quality and create the best user experience.

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Real time HLR lookup

Verifies the provided mobile phone number against the definitive source for telephony data used by network providers when routing phone calls.

Validate and standardise

Once the verification is complete, the API returns the input phone number in a standarised format for entry into your customer database, keeping your data clean and free from dead and misformatted numbers.

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No confirmation texts

Your customers aren't left waiting for a confirmation code to arrive via text - we validate the number without calling or sending an SMS.

Active checks

Validation confirms not only whether or not the phone number is valid, but if the device it is associated with has been switched on recently.

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Know your customer

The HLR lookup process will also confirm what network the number is on, and which country it is based in, allowing you to understand your customer base.

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GDPR compliant

We automatically encode your validation requests, so your customer's data is kept completely anonymous.

Intelligent validation

There's no need to remove spaces, dashes, brackets or other characters from your customer's numbers - Postcoder is smart and will work around these.

A simple REST API

API keys are used for authentication and results are returned in JSON and XML formats.

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		"state":"Number is valid and on.",
		"on": true,
		"valid": true,
		"number": "00447700900535",
		"type": "MOBILE",
		"networkname": "UK - 02 (UK) Limited",
		"networkcode": "10",
		"countrycode": "234",
		"countryname": "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"
<PhoneValidation xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <state>Number is valid and on.</state>
    <networkname>UK - 02 (UK) Limited</networkname>
        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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