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This endpoint checks whether a mobile phone number is valid and if it's capable of receiving calls and texts. It performs a live test to provide details about the number and network provider but does not initiate a call.

Mobile validation: Enable access on your API key using the Data Options page or by contacting us.

Request URL


Path parameters

apikeyYour API keyPCW45-12345-12345-1234X
mobilephonenumberThe URL-encoded mobile phone number you wish to validate07500123456

Querystring parameters

formatSets the format of the response, xml or json (default unless "application/xml" header is detected)format=json
identifierSpecifies your own meaningful identifier for the request such as "websiteA" or "client123"; you can view usage for each identifier on the Identifier Usage page, which may be helpful when using your API key across multiple websites, apps or clientsidentifier=websiteA

Example request and response


	"warning": "This is a test key do NOT use it live (always returns true)",
	"stateid": 0,
	"state": "Test Key",
	"on": false,
	"valid": true,
	"number": "",
	"type": "UNKNOWN"

Response fields

warningAn advisory message about the validation processOnly reduced validation is available for this domain
stateidThe ID of the validation state (see below)1
stateA description of the validation state, which may change from time to time:

  • -6: Number is a member of a closed user group such as the emergency services.
  • -4: Device with this number does not support SMS.
  • -3: Number valid but not in use by the destination network.
  • 0: Number is valid.
  • 1: Number is valid and on.
  • 2: Number is valid but not on.
Number is valid and on.
onA true or false indicating whether the mobile phone number has connected to the network in last 12 hourstrue
validA true or false indicating whether the mobile phone number is validtrue
numberThe normalised version of mobile phone number00447700900535
typeWhether the mobile phone number is a mobile number or unknownMOBILE or UNKNOWN
networknameThe name of telephone network providerUK - 02 (UK) Limited
networkcodeThe code of telephone network provider10
countrycodeThe mobile country code234
countrynameThe mobile country nameUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Integration advice

  • URL encode all special characters (including /) in your request parameters with %xx encoding
  • No need to remove spaces, dashes, brackets or other non-numeric characters from the mobile phone number
  • When using your API key across multiple websites, apps or clients, set the identifier querystring parameter to a meaningful value such as "websiteA" or "client123"; you'll then be able to view these identifiers and the number of requests made by each one on the Identifier Usage page
  • Requests will usually return within a second but could take up to 5 seconds
  • Country defaults to UK if the country code (e.g. +44 or 0044) is not included in the mobile phone number
  • Landline phone numbers will always return as invalid
  • The valid and on response fields are always returned; treat all other response fields as optional

Credit cost

Each request costs 2 credits.

Buy a credit pack or set up a monthly plan to use with all Postcoder endpoints.