Mobile validation API

Confirm your customer's mobile number at the point of entry with Postcoder mobile validation.

Validate a mobile number

Validate mobile numbers to check whether they're capable of receiving calls and text messages.

Identifies the network provider and whether the mobile has been on and connected in the last 12 hours.

Example code

Request URL

GET |[apikey]/mobile/[mobile-phone-number]

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Optional querystring parameters

formatSets the data format of the response; the default is json unless header of application/xml is detectedxml, jsonjson
identifierSets an identifier like "checkout" or "contactform" to help you group requests within your search history

Response fields

FieldDescriptionExampleReturned by default?
stateidNumber to represent the state, less than 0 for invalid phone numbers1Yes
stateProvides further detail on stateid where needed. More info belowNumber valid but not in use by the destination networkYes
onNumber has been connected to the network in last 12 hours or nottrueYes
validNumber is valid or nottrueYes
numberNormalised version of number inputted00447700900535Yes
typeWhether the number is a mobile number or unknown.MOBILE or UNKNOWNYes
networknameName of telephone network providerUK - 02 (UK) LimitedYes
networkcodeCode of telephone network provider (List of codes)10Yes
countrycodeMobile country code (List of codes)234Yes
countrynameMobile country nameUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandYes

Definitions for the 'stateid' and 'state' response fields

State IDState
-6Number is a member of a closed user group such as the emergency services.
-4Device with this number does not support SMS.
-3Number valid but not in use by the destination network.
0Number is valid.
1Number is valid and on.
2Number is valid but not on.


  • We recommend you URL encode your request before submitting it
  • If the country code (+44 or 0044) is not included, the country defaults to UK
  • Landline phone numbers will always return as invalid
  • You don't need to remove spaces, dashes, brackets or other non-numeric characters from your numbers
  • The valid and on fields are always returned, other fields are only returned when relevant, so should be treated as optional
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