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AddressBase Premium from Ordnance Survey

AddressBase Premium is the richest address database in the UK, containing addresses, objects with postal addresses, UPRNs, coordinates and full property lifecycle information.

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Key features of AddressBase Premium

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What's included in AddressBase Premium?

  • Royal Mail addresses
  • Local authority BS7666 addresses
  • Alternative addresses
  • Pre-build addresses
  • Historic addresses
  • Property-level coordinates
  • Objects without postal addresses
  • OS MasterMap Topography
  • Integrated Transport Network Layer TOIDs
Royal Mail addressesLocal authority BS7666 addressesAlternative addressesPre-build addressesHistoric addressesProperty-level coordinatesObjects without postal addressesOS MasterMap TopographyIntegrated Transport Network Layer TOIDs

How can AddressBase Premium help your organisation?

Risk assessment and fraud detection

The record of alternative addresses provided by AddressBase Premium can help financial institutions and insurance companies prevent fraud.

Detailed data analysis

The scale and granularity of AddressBase Premium allows you to conduct detailed risk analysis at the level of individual properties, or big picture analysis of changing neighbourhoods.

Planning and services

The provisional addresses included in AddressBase Premium enable accurate infrastructure planning that caters for growing towns and cities.

Customer service

Provide better and faster customer services and marketing campaigns based on a customer's location.

UPRN linking

Connect existing data within your organisation to AddressBase Premium using the unique property reference number (UPRN).

Use Postcoder to access AddressBase Premium with our simple and secure API

Postcoder is hosted on a leading cloud platform in the UK and Ireland, and is supported by our friendly team of addressing specialists.

  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • GDPR compliant data processing
  • 99.99% API uptime
  • 350ms real-world response time
  • Free technical support and licensing guidance
  • Find out more about the power of Postcoder

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