Address Lookup API

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Provide end users with a seamless data capture experience on your SaaS product or client app.

  • Speed-up data entry with address lookup
  • Validate contact details in real-time
  • Reduce data entry errors

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Who can build with Postcoder?

Postcoder is optimised for businesses that build solutions for other organisations. Whether you have one client or thousands, Postcoder is simple to set up and easy to manage. Businesses like yours are already adding value to their solutions with Postcoder.

  • SaaS providers

    who want to incorporate Postcoder features into their solutions used by companies in both the public and private sector around the world.

  • Web development agencies

    who want to add Postcoder form validation to client websites or apps.

  • Software companies

    who want to enhance their products with Postcoder address lookup and form validation.

  • RegTech providers

    who want to add Postcoder data validation to their Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) products.

  • Digital marketing agencies

    who want to resell Postcoder features such as mobile and email validation to their clients.

  • EPOS solution developers

    who want to build EPOS software and services that can capture accurate customer data fast.

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One API, multiple features

Postcoder features

A unified set of validation features in one API - all of which you can incorporate into your own solutions.

  • Rooftop geocoding

    Precise premise-level coordinates for next generation geocoding and location intelligence.

    Learn more
  • Address lookup and autocomplete

    The fastest, most reliable way to capture accurate addresses for the UK, Ireland and internationally. Address autocomplete helps people by providing real-time solutions as they're typing their address.

    Learn more
  • Bank validation

    Verify bank accounts for direct debits and money transfers.

    Learn more
  • OTP verification

    Protect your customer accounts with OTP SMS verification.

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  • Mobile validation

    Validate mobile phone numbers in real time without ghost calls.

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Add value, stay compliant

Benefits to building with Postcoder

Postcoder provides the address lookup and form validation features that your clients expect to see when filling in forms.

  • Add value to your solutions

    Supercharge the data entry forms within your solution. Create signup forms and checkout pages that are easier for people to fill-in and that capture more accurate data for your clients.

  • Minimal admin

    No matter how many organisations you distribute your product to, ongoing admin is kept to a minimum. It's easy to manage one or more Postcoder accounts from the feature-rich admin area.

  • Full licence compliance

    Postcoder handles multi-client data licensing with providers such as Royal Mail, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Comprehensive technical support

    The support team and comprehensive developer docs will assist you in getting the best out of Postcoder for your solution.

Designed for developers

Integrate features quickly with one easy-to-use API

Reduce development time using Postcoder. We obsess over the vast array of global data sources, daily refresh cycles and network validation protocols to provide you with a unified set of validation features in one API.

	"valid": true,
	"valid": true,
	"on": true,
	"networkname": "UK - VODAFONE",
		"id": "10101010",
		"type": "ADD",
		"summaryline": "123 Foxglove Close",
		"locationsummary": "Weybourne, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7HG",
		"count": 1
		"id": "20202020",
		"type": "ADD",
		"summaryline": "123 Foxglove Lane",
		"locationsummary": "Biddenden, Ashford, Kent, TN27 8BT",
		"count": 1
		"id": "30303030",
		"type": "ADD",
		"summaryline": "123 Foxglove Road",
		"locationsummary": "Winchburgh, Broxburn, West Lothian, EH52 6FE",
		"count": 1
Simplified admin

Buy credits, check usage and configure security with ease

Use the feature-rich admin area to set up and manage your account. It is natively mobile and desktop-friendly so whether you're updating a setting on the go or doing a deep-dive at your desk, it will be the same seamless experience. It supports dark mode too.

Flexible billing

Straightforward billing that works for you

Postcoder billing is simple and flexible. Create and administer separate accounts for each client, or manage a single account with credits shared between all your customers, available whenever they need them.

The Postcoder admin area makes it easy to buy credits and track usage across multiple accounts. What's more, the helpful sales team will always ensure you're on the most cost-effective plan for your usage.