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  • You build stylish ecommerce websites for your clients.
  • You care about converting their visitors to customers.
  • We can help you with that.

Add the Postcoder address finder to the websites you build

4 great reasons why Netmatters should use Postcoder

Improve conversion rates

Postcode lookup is up to 80% faster than typing an address manually. Use Postcoder to help your clients’ customers check out more quickly.

Reduce delivery issues

Avoid failed delivery attempts and costly returns. Enable your clients to deliver their products to their customers at the right address first time.

100% reseller-ready

Integrate Postcoder in a matter of minutes. You can buy credits in one place for all your clients, or let them take care of that.

Updated daily

Postcoder provides verified addresses updated daily by Royal Mail, all handled seamlessly in the background.

(Oh, and did we mention we’re based in Norwich too?)

Use Postcoder for address lookup

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What our customers say

Netdespatch - A customer who uses Postcoder

"Allies help us maintain a level of service that is always there for our 120,000 business customers."

Smyths Toys - A customer who uses Postcoder
Kwifit - A customer who uses Postcoder
Sky - A customer who uses Postcoder
Prezzybox - A customer who uses Postcoder

"2x faster checkout times - Postcoder has literally transformed our checkout."

KFC - A customer who uses Postcoder
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