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Geocoding API Rooftop-accurate coordinates for addresses in Great Britain and Ireland

Next generation geocoding and location intelligence from Postcoder.

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Address geocoding for your website and mobile app

Postcoder provides pinpoint coordinates for addresses in Great Britain and Ireland. When your customers look up their address using Postcoder, you get a fully validated address with precise longitude and latitude coordinates to store and use.

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Optimise the last mile of delivery

The last mile of delivery is the final step of the process - the point at which a product finally arrives at the customer's door. Our address coordinates provide logistics teams with everything they need to find the correct delivery point, first time and in less time.

Strengthen your customer insight

Knowing precisely where your customers are located helps you better understand who they are and what they want from your business. With location geocodes, you can make better decisions about how, when and what to sell them. Improve their customer experiences, optimise your campaign results and increase your profitability.

Cross reference geocodes with your other data

Location geocodes in Great Britain include coordinates and a number of other key identifier (such as the UPRN and UDPRN) which can help you locate, match and gain insights from other data sources within your organisation.

In Ireland, location geocodes include coordinates and the unique Eircode identifier.

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Rooftop-accurate geocoding using the latest, most reliable location information

Postcoder provides geocodes using authoritative data from Ordnance Survey and Eircode. No complicated API requests are required. You can perform an address lookup and retrieve the address and location geocodes using one simple API call.

AddressBase Core

The definitive property dataset from Ordnance Survey that provides 33 million address records with coordinates and UPRNs for England, Scotland and Wales.

Read more about AddressBase Core


Ireland's postal database provides information about every address in the country, including delivery point coordinates and a unique Eircode identifier.

Read more about Eircode

"Rooftop" means the geocodes for most addresses will be placed right on the roof of the correct building.

An optimised developer experience

Integrate rooftop geocoding in minutes with Postcoder's REST API, sample code and developer-friendly documentation.

  • Javascript
  • python
  • PHP
  • C Sharp
	"addressline1": "The Dean & Chapter of Norwich Cathedral",
	"addressline2": "Chapter Office, 65 The Close",
	"summaryline": "The Dean & Chapter of Norwich Cathedral, Chapter Office, 65 The Close, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 4DH",
	"organisation": "The Dean & Chapter of Norwich Cathedral",
	"subbuildingname": "Chapter Office",
	"number": "65",
	"uniquedeliverypointreferencenumber": "17308537",
	"premise": "Chapter Office, 65",
	"street": "The Close",
	"posttown": "Norwich",
	"county": "Norfolk",
	"postcode": "NR1 4DH",
	"latitude": "52.6308744",
	"longitude": "1.3009883",
	"grideasting": "623485.0",
	"gridnorthing": "308793.0",
	"uprn": "200004353841",
	"usrn": "28920601"
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Having Postcoder on our checkout page has really helped ... Customers spend much less time adding their details which in turn made for a much more pleasant transaction.

Alex Woods Digital Marketing Executive at Victorian Plumbing

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Tracking usage

Understanding how your account is being used is important, so we make it easy for you. You can view usage reports, configure email alerts and check your remaining credit balance.

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We have payment options to suit every type of business, from pay-as-you-go credit packs to monthly plans to high volume licences.

The more lookups you buy, the lower the price per lookup.

Lookups for addresses with rooftop geocodes cost 3.5 credits in Great Britain and 4.5 credits in Ireland.

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